Eva's Homestay

Winnipeg (Chevrier)

홈스테이 캐나다, Winnipeg

I am a single parent who raised two sons; the eldest has his own family and his own place. His two-year-old son spends weekends once in a while when needed. My youngest son still stays with me while at Pharmacy intern and planning to get married in three years. I have an eleven-year-old female dog. I love my dog's company and taking care of it. I enjoy making meals for my family and friends. I mostly stay at home after work, prepare dinner, have dinner with my son and feed my dog, clean up then walk with my dog for at least 30 minutes around the neighbourhood. I prepare to stay home, do household chores and watch TV during spare time. My son and I just moved in to the three-bedroom apartment closer to my work. The apartment building was built last June 2019 with amenities such as fitness and lounge area, pictures attached. I work out once in a while in this fitness area. If you need a different environment to study aside from your bedroom you can go and chill in the lounge area where you can meet different tenants and has a chance to mingle with them. I go out with friends and relatives whenever there is an invitation like coffee, dinner, parties, social gathering, cultural activities and sometimes visit family and friends. I also love driving around the city with my friends, relatives and grandson. I am currently working in the office as Maintenance Associate in Maintenance department in a natural health products manufacturing plant. My office hour is flexible I can come early or late than 8 am until I finished an 8 hour shift. I would like to host a student to share my Asian and Canadian culture. I have been in Canada since 1989 and based on my long years of being a Canadian I have a lot to offer to the international students with different ethnicity and culture. I visited some cities in Canada, different states in the United Sates of America, Japan and Hongkong. I have not hosted a student before I know I can provide a good relationship with different diversity. I've work in two known companies in Canada where I trained and worked with different culture. The only challenge I have is no bus service until Spring 2020. There is an ongoing road construction beside the apartment building for Winnipeg Rapid Transit once completed in Spring 2020 going around downtown to University of Manitoba to Winnipeg South is faster especially during winter season. For the meantime I can drop off and pick up the student at school or at the nearest bus stop.
My place is closer to churches, schools, fitness centres, restaurants, outlet mall, Kenaston Common mall, Common South mall, groceries and superstore such Costco, Walmart, Sobey's, Safeway, Save-On, Lowes and President's Choice superstore. Please contact me at my contact page if you need more information. The rule in the house is to clean your own mess, social alcohol drinking and no cannabis.

호스트: Eva
  • 1명 19세 이상
  • 호스트 비흡연
  • 집안내 애완동물(들) 거주
서비스 및 편의시설
  • 식사 포함여부: 아침, 점심, 저녁
  • 무선 광역 인터넷 (Wi-Fi)
  • 흡연 불가
  • Self service laundry included in fee (use of machine and detergent)
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